Environment and Natural Resources

    Environment and Natural Resources

    Public Lands and Natural Resources

    More that two-thirds of the land area in Utah is administered by a federal or state agency. There lands are used for recreation, grazing, wildlife habitat, mining and other multiple uses. Utah is also one of the most arid states in North America. Policies and programs that affect the use of these resources affect the economic well-being of citizens throughout the state.

    Land Use Planning and Open Space

    Utah is one of the most urbanized states in the U.S. As a result, there is considerable controversy concerning the use of private lands in the state. Information concerning issues and alternatives for these lands are important to all citizens of the state.

    The use of water has been controversial at least since the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. This controversy has recently escalated as populations have increased in the state and efforts have been made to increase the efficient use of this scarce resource. Utah's Division of Water Resources and Division of Water Rights are the two key state agencies that administer water in the state.


    Water Quality Trading in Integrated Hydrologic Framework (PDF)
    Water Quality Trading in the Bear River Basin Presentation (PPT)

    Approximately two-thirds of land area in Utah is managed by an agency of federal or state government. Recreation, grazing by domestic livestock, mineral production, wilderness, wildlife, and wild horses are some of the many uses of these lands. The primary federal agencies that manage these lands include the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Defense and Park Service. Utah's trust lands are administered primarily for the benefit of education. Managers of these lands must consider opinions of user groups that commonly differ concerning the use of these lands. This page provides information that can be used in helping user groups make informed decisions. Web pages maintained by the agencies also contain much useful information.

    Public Lands Survey Reports

    Public Lands Survey